Your New Favorite Employee!

1000 Entertainers in One.

One part robot and one part entertainer, Sho-Bots are an amazing new type of animatronic character that are built for theme parks abuse, but easy to use.

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Traditional animatronics are expensive, complicated and built for one purpose, never to change again. We re-imagined what an animatronic could be, and created the world's first multi-use animatronic character that delivers tremendous value by being adaptable.

One week it could be an archaeologist discovering treasures. The next, a pirate entertaining your restaurant guests.

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No Programming!

Traditional animatronics require programming any time you want to change the show...not a Sho-Bot.


A pirate one day and a cowboy the next.  Sho-Bot can be anything you want.

Sit or Stand!

Change your Sho-Bot from stand or sitting in just minutes...

Speaks any Language!

From English to Chinese, Sho-Bot can be your international ambassador.